Travelling alone could be costly. Multiply that amount several times if you are going with family. You need to spend money on every person joining the trip. Imagine if you need to pay for everyone. Given how expensive it is, you might decide to not push through with the trip anymore. The good thing is you can find ways to reduce the cost of a family trip through these tips.

Book everything months ahead

Like when you are planning a solo trip, it also pays to be early when thinking of a family trip. You want to get promotions for airlines and hotels. When you reserve late, these discounts are no longer available. Worse, you cannot find a flight or a hotel room on your chosen date. Through planning, you can still prepare if things do not go according to the plan by searching for an alternative.

Consider a large house for accommodation 

Instead of booking a hotel, you can choose large houses for rent. In doing so, you can have everyone in the same place. Although house rental for the weekend is expensive, you might spend more on hotel rooms. Usually, hotels accept a maximum of 2-3 people per room. If there are a lot of you in the family, you might need to rent more than one room which could also be expensive. Large house rental might be costly, but you can at least enjoy each other’s company in the same place.

Another reason why you will save money when you rent a large house is that it comes with a kitchen. You can buy ingredients and cook them in the house. It is like not leaving your own home at all.

Look for promotions 

When you are purchasing tickets to exciting destinations, you need to read the details since you might have the chance to obtain a discount. For instance, when you enter a theme park, you can check if kids of a certain height do not need to pay. Seniors might also receive a discount. If you have vouchers or discount coupons that are valid, you can use them during reservation.

Avoid impulse buying 

Since you are trying to save money, you need to inform everyone to stick to the budget. Impulse buying is not acceptable for this trip. Since kids are going, you might want to have a mini bank where you can get money when they insist on purchasing some items like food and toys.

Use public transportation 

If you are travelling to a city or country you have never visited before, you need to know the modes of transportation available. Public buses and trains will help you save money. If you decide to take a cab, it is expensive. You also need more than one to fit everyone. You can choose to rent a van with a driver though for the entire trip as long as all of you can fit in one vehicle.

Any trip could be pricey, but it could be worse when you have the whole family with you. However, it is your chance to bond with them, so it is okay.