After comparing terms and rates, you were finally able to find something which suits your needs and decided to go ahead with making the application for the small business loan. The cash injection has been approved for your business but the next question that comes to mind is how you can utilise the finance within your small business to make it grow.

How to Grow Your Business?

How you decide to utilise the commercial finance you have recently acquired can influence the growth trajectory of your business. The basic principle when it comes to growing your business is to focus on ideas and actions which facilitate expansion and growth. Return on Investment (ROI) must be kept in mind when you make decisions that require you to spend the money that you have borrowed.

You must remember that ineffective usage of a loan will only make you borrow more money later and the best way to avoid this situation is to keep your business goals in mind. The experience of applying for a small business loan itself may have made your business objectives clear to you.

The fact that your application was accepted and the loan was approved proves that you were able to demonstrate effective business management. Your spending decisions should be able to reflect the same ability and sensibility.

How to Spend your Business Loan Effectively?

Options for expansion and growth which were previously unavailable for you may have suddenly opened up for your business. Following are some of the things that businesses can do to spend their loan effectively:


The cash flow which is needed to allow you to replenish your existing stock is provided to you by the loan. It also makes you financially capable to buy new stock when the times are favourable. The appeal and reach of your product range is broadened if you have an up to date and fresh inventory.

The happiness of any customer increases when they have a bigger choice. Retail is the best example when it comes to businesses that can benefit from their decision to spend on inventory. The benefits of having a large inventory include happier customers, wider product selection and more repeat custom.


With a business loan in hand, you can afford to make purchases that were earlier too large for your small business. You can broaden your business’s capability to provide for customers by buying additional vehicles or machinery. You also have the option to upgrade the ones which are already in use to increase their efficiency.

The best example of the type of businesses which can benefit from their decision to spend money on expansion of their fleet are logistics firm. They can give a boost to their efficiency by replacing their existing vehicles with their latest efficient models. The benefits include a more efficient fleet, more effective machinery and reduced upkeep and maintenance costs.


Ensuring the loyalty of existing customers and being able to attract new customers is the ultimate goal of every business. When you have access to finance, it becomes possible for you to invest in marketing systems and software and hire new staff to give your marketing efforts a boost.

Any business which increases its expenditure on marketing is bound to have increased sales. The benefits of spending a business loan on marketing includes better marketing insights, increased brand visibility and an opportunity to optimise return on investment (ROI).

New Website

There is hardly a thing which can be as destructive for a growing business as having an outdated website. The fact that mobile devices are responsible for approximately 60 percent of online searches proves just how important it is to have an updated website.

Many businesses are apprehensive about spending too much money on their website, as they consider it to be an expense with low return on investment (ROI). But being behind the curve – both in terms of customer conversions and brand perception – are some penalties that are associated with businesses which do not have a website and they are becoming increasingly punishing.

Since website is a part of marketing, almost any business is sure to benefit from having a refreshed online presence. The benefits of spending the loan money on website includes higher search engine rankings and modernity – both of which lead to enhanced brand perception and more potential customers and traffic.

Training and Hiring

A business idea, no matter how brilliant, cannot succeed without the efforts of a staff. The ability of a staff to turn the fortune of a business makes investing in your staff a win-win effort.

Improved efficiency and expertise are the benefits that you get to enjoy as an employer whereas employees will feel valued and secure in their job. By allowing you to hire new staff members or training your existing staff, a loan opens up opportunities for growth by tapping into the potential of human resources.

The benefits of investing in training and hiring of staff include better staff retention, a more motivated and engaged and increased internal resource.

Best Practices

A business loan is an opportunity in disguise and there are several practices that every business must include in their approach to optimise this opportunity for the growth of their business.

The loan received must be deposited in a separate account and shouldn’t be merged with your usual business account. The money in this account must be transferred and used only when absolutely necessary. This can prevent you from buying on impulse and reduce your overall spending.

Also, refrain from making spending decisions that will make you spend the whole loan amount in one go. The sudden influx of cash can be empowering and exciting for small business owners but staying disciplined is the key to utilising the finance properly.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to utilise finance within your small business is to keep your business goals in mind and to ask yourself before every spending whether the step brings you closer to achieving your goals or not.