Offering a job to physicians is not easy. Even if you feel like you are offering them a huge amount as salary, it is easy for them to find other hospitals with even higher pay. Apart from the wage, these professionals will also look at different standards before they accept a job. They know that it will not be easy for them working for a hospital especially if they could opt for private practice and be their own boss. Despite that, they will consider your offer if it is worth accepting.

These medical professionals know the details of the industry. Therefore, you cannot hide anything from them. If they do not know some details about you or the hospital or medical institution that you are running, it is easy for them to obtain such information using other sources. Be honest in every detail.

Financial status

You need to tell the candidate about the current economic situation of the hospital. It does not mean that you will show the actual figures and other sensitive information. However, you cannot pretend that everything is going well if it is not. You can even talk about the need to hire a new physician because the business is gasping for air. It is okay to be open because you are dealing with people who understand the difficulty of running a business in this industry.

Nature of the operations

You also need to disclose what operations you are running. How many patients do you treat each day? What are the usual cases the hospital deals with? What are the facilities and equipment available? Anyone who wants to take a position in a hospital will want to know these details to determine if it is worth taking chances.

Job description

There are other physicians in the hospital, and not everyone will be dealing with the same patients or will prioritize the same tasks. If you are hiring a new physician to join the team, you need to be honest about the primary responsibilities and other extra functions that are part of the job. These physicians understand that it will be difficult, but they want to know the extent of their task.

Salary offer

You need to talk about the salary during the interview. You cannot talk about it in the end since some doctors who are highly capable will start by checking how much they are getting. They know their worth, and it would be easy for them to walk out the door if they know other options are waiting for them. Try to check how much other hospitals are offering and give a competitive base salary. Otherwise, you will receive one no after another.

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