After working in the same job for a while, you do not think about moving anymore. You might even think about your retirement plans. You know that you already settled there and you are happy with where you are. However, opportunities can knock on your door anytime, and surprise you. Given your performance at work, it is possible for you to receive a promotion. If your boss tells you that you got a promotion, but you are moving to a different branch, you need to consider these things before you accept it.

Salary increase

The promotion would not mean anything if it is only a title. Yes, it might come with honour and prestige, but you also need to be practical. If you are moving to London, and the cost of living is higher, having a small salary bump would not be sufficient. You need to receive a rate which will allow you to survive in the city; otherwise, you might refuse the post.

Your personality matches the place

Some people prefer living in a highly urbanised area while others prefer to be in a rural location with a calm and laidback lifestyle. If you are happy in the place where you are now, it could be because you love the place. If you think that you will be more pleased to move to a new place as you always dreamed of living there, you can accept the post. However, there might be a problem if you have a good job, and a salary raise, but your environment does not match your preference.

You can handle the job

If the promotion requires you to take on a leadership role, but you do not think you are ready for it, you might end up feeling terrible about it. You might have to train harder before you can feel confident about the new post. However, if you do not think that the opportunity will come again and you know that you can handle the job, you need to say yes.

Your children will still have a good school

You do not only think of yourself but also of your family. The education of your children is a priority. You want to move to a place where you know that they will receive a quality education; otherwise, you will be selfishly requiring them to move. Leaving their friends behind will be tough for them. The least that you could do for your kids is send them to a great school.

You intend to leave anyway

You might be working in your current job because you need money. You try putting on a face to show that everything is okay. Now that you have a chance to transfer to a different workplace, you need to grab it. You might not love it at first, but you can at least give it a try.

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