On the off chance that anybody needs to know why cash was created they have to take a gander at the power that it produces. Politically it is the pillar of governments while religiously it has developed divine beings and made their associations irreplaceable. So where does it fit into the plan of human conduct and why is it at the foundation of the World Order? One could may expect that an option that is other than a created product would fit that part so why isn’t that right?

At the point when people took to a stationary life and surrendered meandering the backwoods and taking their sustenance from the land, as God initially proposed, they had sufficient energy to consider different things. In the testimonies of their living territories prehistorian have revealed stories of their improvement from what may be named primitive living to the more refined exchange arrangements and trade of products.

Different things manifest also and boss among them is the religious side of life and the consecrated destinations where they engraved their emotions and convictions on things in work of art. After some time the pictures turned out to be perpetually similar and their implications clearer. It was there where my exploration found the power.

It started things out as a trade amongst mankind and the Sun-God. This unmistakable giving of life for success pervades the old world and baffling destinations, similar to Stonehenge in England, or the sanctuaries of the Maya in Mexico. They remain as posts of energy holding a code inside that is just now interpretable.

My rebirth and confirmation that there is no paradise or damnation is behind my capacity to take a gander at these destinations from an alternate point of view and without the religious predisposition to better comprehend their importance. The people of old were frantic to speak with the sun and they worked out approaches. One route was to send a man up riding the cross as a kite to mate with the Mother God. This is appeared in shake workmanship in Nordic locales, for example, Ostergotland (star of god’s territory).

Scattered light makes rings of seven hues, the same as the rainbow, and the number for “her” is ‘seven’. The man is number 8 and duplicated together 7×8 is 56, the quantity of openings in the external hover of Stonehenge. Both these numbers are connected to old convictions that persist into present day religious practices.

There are 7 candles on the sacred place of Christian houses of worship, and 7 lights in the ordinary Jewish menorah, et cetera. There are additionally 7 days of the week and 3×7 is 21, another enchanted number. The 3 speaks to the antiquated trinity of Mother God, sun and light.

Stonehenge shows the act of trading god-men on crosses for fruitfulness of the earth. The center of the site is the steed shoe shape encased by the trillionths, made of 2 upright stones with a top supporting them are the best. The “steed” includes unmistakably in antiquated ceremonies and the white stallion was scratched out of the basic chalk in a few places in both Britain and Europe.